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An Infamous Army – Georgette Heyer (Book)

An Infamous Army – Georgette Heyer.

Every-time I come across a new Author especially the Classical ones that I haven’t heard so far, my happiness knows no bounds if I like their first work. This book too happened to me accidentally when a SRR brought it for our meet and described the book in one word “Beautiful” the way she stretched it with those facial expressions, I was totally excited. Now, the moment I started reading it last week, first ten pages made me cringe that its a big mistake. Totally not my type of book with at least a good 30 characters introduced in the first chapter itself. Plus the language which initially I just couldn’t digest although it took me back in time to the Dicken’s era and reminded me so much of much loved Jane Austen too. What I love about their books is the use of words like “presently”, “Offices (when they are not talking about work)”, “by the by” and so many others that we do not get to read in today’s Authors works. As the story progressed it gradually made me fall in love by the time I had hit the page 100. And it became totally unputdownable after another 100. Trust me when I say this that by the time I was reaching the ending (another 200 pages+) I wanted it never to end and prayed that it should have a sequel. But let me tell you, the last 50 pages are simply outstanding, I have never and I mean NEVER read a more beautiful love story with the war as a backdrop ever. I anyways do not reach much war related books but now I’ve gotta get her other works and I am delighted to know and disclose that most of her works (Historical / Regency Romance) revolve around the same – thats such an amazing thing to know and guess what, this one is actually the fourth of a four book series :).

Also, let me tell you one thing very clearly that my words do no justice to neither the book nor the Author as I am totally incapable of doing the same with my super limited vocabulary so you’ve got to read this and her other works too. This one revolves around Napoleon Bonaparte’s attack on Brussels (Belgium) where the story is set. The first half of the book covers up the drama part and the making of the love angle whereas the second part deals with the War and the end result of the affair in question. I mean this is one of the best love stories which turns into a thriller of sorts, goes through an epic war of the times, kept me totally engrossed (never over doing the war part ever to turn off a fragile guy like me) and ends on an amazing note. As it is a work of fiction what amazes me is that they all are super rich people a kind of fairy tale for us readers when they talk about the Colonel’s, Princes, super rich and respected Dukes and what not. Although she had me in splits by the subtle way she refers to Napoleon as “Boney” during the entire course of the book, how funny is that someone calling a legend like Napoleon lovingly as “Boney”. Love story of Colonel Audley with the ravishing beauty Lady Barbara (recently widowed and a totally frivolous character) grand daughter of the Duke of Avon. The legacy that they take forward, the way they talk, walk, eat and go for morning walks is so out of this world experience that is very hard to explain and let go so soon. I so much want to continue their story which unfortunately ends with this book. Gotta go back in the past and re read the whole thing.

It is totally unbelievable yet so damn entertaining even when the story goes around exactly 200+ years ago from today. A surreal unreal experience. If you have read this one, I am sure you must be smitten in love with the whole thing just like I am right now but if you haven’t read this or her other work exactly like the way ignorant fool that I am, you know what you’ve got to do man. But if you have read her other works, do let me know how you like it and which one you recommend most to me that I can grab and travel back in time.

Oh! By the way, did I mention anything about the gorgeous book cover? Oh My God. I spent quite sometime looking at that beauty who I hope is no one else but lady Barbara 🙂 but I am heartbroken that the book belongs to someone else and I’ve got to return it shortly.

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