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Is reading a book that easy? (Blogpost)

Can a person be in love with two people at the same time and still oblige them both? I am kind of doing the same these days, the problem is that the second person in question keeps changing, Why and How? Read on to know…. The first person that I am talking about is ofcourse the love of my life – my wife Mona 🙂 who else? The second person as of now this week, it is Georgette Heyer, you must have heard of her name, if not, you know now.
Scene 1: 12 O Clock (Afternoon)
Mona: Maid is not coming, if you want to have tea, make it yourself. As I enter the kitchen, Prof Snape stares at me from my favorite mug as if saying “After all this time?” I had to make tea myself? and I say “Always”. Georgette Heyer: Calling me to finish the chapter 12: Napolean is about to attack Netherlands, Duke has ordered his army to get together, England has sent a huge convoy to help them too. Before even I could finish the Chapter 12, I get a call.
Mona: Can you take out the cloths from dryer and put them on the terrace please or you will have no Hanky and Socks for office in the evening. (I oblige). Gergette Heyer: Calling me to finish chapter 13: The beautiful widow Lady Barbara has taken Charles for a ride, even after getting engaged with him, she is having fun with his own comrade a married man and the whole town of Brussels is talking. Before even I could finish the Chapter 13, I get another call.
Mona: Arre Suno, can you please take out those diwali lights off from the drawing room window please, I keep forgetting it everyday. (I oblige). Georgette Heyer: Calling me to finish chapter 14: Barbara and Charles engagement is broken, culprit is thrown out of the country and is send to England still smitten in love but committed to his wife. Charles going through the tumult as the Duke is happy that his most important Colonel is finally out of love and is ready for the War. Napolean is about to attack and I get a call again 🙂
Mona: Do eat Maithi ke paranhte in lunch and leave the aloo parantha’s for Naina, she wont have Maithi paranthas you know na? and what are you doing? (I oblige) she knows I am reading. Gerogette Heyer: Calling me to finish chapter 15: The gossip of Charles and Barbara is dying its own death but poor Charles goes back to Lady Devenish even surprising her yet her happiness knows no bounds, I so much want Charles to go back to sultry Barbara and door bell rings.
Naina: Dad, you know I am late? You didnt come down to check on me? I was playing with my friends for last half hour. I respond: I know babe but I finished another chapter in the meantime (with a glint in my eyes). She slams her bag down on the sofa and a book falls off her bag with tears in her eyes “You dont love me anymore, you mean I am disturbing you na…..go away dont talk to me” (Now how do I oblige that).
And people think reading a book is such a cake walk.
Whats your story guys? What happens to Charles and Barbara? Watch out for the scene 2 or wait for my review.
PS: The book in question above is “An Infamous Army” by Georgette Heyer.

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