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Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie

Wonder Woman (2017) – Movie.

Finally, I saw Wonder Woman today and regretted big time for not seeing it on big screen while it was running. The movie sort of sent me back in time about 31 years when I saw my first Super Hero movie back then in 1986 while in sixth standard and instantly fell in love with Christopher Reeves for playing the awesome hunk “Superman” (Part 2). Wonder Woman was actually that much fun after a long long time. it came quite close to my all time favorite movie(s) that includes SuperMan (Part 2), Terminator: Judgement Day, Matrix and of-course the daddy of them all “The Dark Knight”. No movie (read Super Hero movie) in the last decade has come any closer to any of them that I would look forward to watch it again. And seriously I have lost count as how many times I have seen these movies in the last so many years. Latest I saw was T2 on 3D as they re-released it and totally loved it on big screen.
I really wonder why they keep churning out Super Hero movies back to back almost every month now with no heart and almost nothing new to offer, that me as an audience will cherish for sometime before moving on with the new or upcoming one. I have stopped watching them of-course as is evident because the speed with which these movies are coming and almost all are throwing the same old story of world coming to an end or a villain hard to defeat and almost all the super heroes will come to make a team to kill the menace. But Wonder Woman was different, the movie has a heart and at the right place. Pace and background is extremely good, totally loved it the way they do not hurry up anything and let it grow at its own pace. Gal Gadot is a superb choice for the character and the girl is expressive, loved her expressions when she comes to “our World” from “her World” and finds it in chaos to her shock and amazement making her mothers belief true that “we don’t deserve her”, too good.
Entire story and even the action sequences are done in such a subtle way, never going overboard, works so well for the movie, totally loved it. From a little girl with determination to the “Wonder Woman” who herself doesn’t know of her own powers, it was a superb joy ride as I had no idea what to expect rather had zero expectations after so many run of the mill disaster Super Hero movies that has been thrown my way in the recent past. Two of them are still running in theaters that I am yet to make up my mind to watch or plainly ignore (Thor Ragnorak and Justice League). And I guess an Avenger outing is right round the corner before the year end spoiling it further for me.
No doubt the movie has gone on to break some important records from the recent past and has become including the highest-grossing live-action film directed by a woman, the biggest domestic opening for a film directed by a woman, the highest-grossing superhero origin film in the United States and worldwide, as well as the largest opening for a female-led comic book film. Even the length of the movie around 2 hours and twenty minutes later as it came to an end, I was actually asking for more. End up watching the seven minutes of credits too in the hope of something to look forward to next but to no avail :).


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