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Justice League (2017) – Movie

Justice League (2017) – Movie.

A movie is a flop (read crap) if you see it and don’t want to talk about it with anyone. Imagine they can make a bad movie with half a dozen super heroes in it and a heck of a huge alien villain too. DC has actually lost the plot altogether, they need new writers as well as new Directors. Earlier they made me question my own loyalty when they put two of my favorite characters against each other, Batman VS Superman. And then they killed one, C’mon man, fine, that was OK, now the one who is responsible for others death wants to revive him back to save the world (Yes, we are kids, let it come). Two hours of run-time and only thrice it actually made me smile and feel a bit happy. First of-course is the Wonder Woman’s entry and sequence saving the hostages, terrifically shot and Gal Gadot is a darling, so sweet on the eyes and terrific in character, she is actually the saving grace for me for this movie at least. Second that little guy Flash has some good lines, reminded me of new Spider-Man :), but how much he could save. And the villain too was no good, Guess Loki could have done the job better.

I just cant believe my eyes that our own Super Heroes could get this boring. I mean I just couldn’t make out what was wrong with this Batman (Ben Affleck) he looks so tired and out of character as if he is forced to work in this movie, they really need to put him on steroids for upcoming parts or fire him altogether and get Bale back (I so much wish). I still cant forget “The Dark Knight” where my loyalty kept shifting between him and the joker but in the end joker wins by a huge margin still some sympathy remains for Batman too. That earth shattering Bat-Mobile, who could forget that, they are still beating it, now it can fly, crawl and what not but isn’t a thing of Awe anymore. I remember the goosebumps it gave me in Dark Knight and I cant even put my feelings to words when the Bike comes out of the crashed Bat-Mobile. How much they can screw a character? I just couldn’t believe it. This is another of those Super Hero movies which has no repeat value and I for sure am never watching it again. On top of that I am glad that I didn’t take my Kiddo with me to this one or else she would have grilled me by asking if this is THE Batman that I loved and carry a tattoo on my body. Unbelievable.

I have no idea, how much they spent on this crap but I am sure they must have made millions profit on the movie including my contribution 🙂 but they are losing fans big time and breaking hearts in the process. Unfortunately the movie freak that we are, we will still be watching the next and still be looking forward to our much loved characters to be revived back to glory once again. It feels so sad to not to recommend a movie with my own favorite characters in it. I am sure if you have loved them the way I do and have seen the movie, you will agree with me. Did it work for you? Do let me know if you like it.

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