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Lemoncella Cocktail – Rene Natan (Book)

Lemoncella Cocktail – Rene Natan.

My little brother enrolled me into an online book club and this was the first ebook that I received from them in exchange I have to put an honest review of the same. Going by the title and the cover, I thought it will be some kind of a love story with a little action of sorts (you see a guy swimming on top) but what it turns out to be is a Hodge-podge of a thriller cum comedy of errors. I couldn’t decide I was laughing on the book or with the book? Initial 20 pages were good enough for me to know that this is another run of the mill, going nowhere story but unfortunately so far I have a record of never leaving a book midway (barring an exceptional occasion when one book flew out of my 15th floor window). Hence I read it full and still am in a sort of a hangover of what actually the Author wanted to tell us from the story. And who was the actual protagonist in this one. Story of a girl Amelie who witnesses an illegal deal between his boy friend and some crooks. As soon as they realize she had seen them, everyone wants her dead and here comes our hero Patrick as a good Samaritan to save the girl and the family too. I expected it to be at least an average thriller with cat and mouse chase between the good guys and bad guys.

Unfortunately, this one looks like written by someone for a writing competition or as a college project with no research but if this is how Canadian Police and Secret Service works, I am never going to Canada in my life for sure. I mean imagine there is a situation where the bad guy is on the lose to kill the girl who witnessed the episode and wipe out her entire family. The secret service guys go home and sleep saying they will see what they have to do next morning :). I was like laughing out loud but kept going forward with the hopes of something good to come out. Imagine the bad guys actually blow off an Airplane with the entire family in it and they pay like a thousand bucks to the guy who fixes the bomb, can you believe that? On top of that there comes a super rich grandmother who tells a stranger that she has 25 Million Dollars in her bank and yet her son is gone extreme west to make his career (the poor guy has a credit card debt of 280K), I was like Wow!! this is really happening. I cant even tell you how much ransom the bad guys ask for her kidnapped grand daughter and even that looks like a silly change to the old woman :). I mean the Author was totally not serious what she was writing if she really wanted her readers to believe the story. Writing is so freaking casual that I couldn’t believe my eyes. The characters, even the secret service guys are so dumb that it was hard to believe even in fiction.

Hilarious is the ending of the book, I mean I don’t want to put the spoilers for anyone who may still want to read it. But if you do and reach the end, do let me know if you actually fall of the chair you were sitting on while reading the book by that ending 🙂 as I actually did. The only positive that I could gather from the book was that its hardly 160 odd pages and written in short 2-3 page chapters and since I had read a heavy thrilling trilogy (Larsson) before this, it was a jolly good refresher for me. But not a book that I will recommend it to anyone.

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