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Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) – Movie


Spider-Man Homecoming (2017) – Movie.
I guess there is something seriously wrong either with me or with the Super-Hero movies that I am being served these days. I couldn’t believe my luck when I watched “Spider-Man Homecoming” today, as it became the third disaster Super-Hero movie for me flat in one week. Followed by Transformers The Last Night (Yesterday) and Justice League a few days back. Oh My God!! Whats with the makers? I so much expected that I am going to love this one as a lot of friends said it was a good movie unfortunately that wasn’t the case, not for me at least. I know that Spider-Man is now a part of Avengers but how much stake Avengers are going to have in a bloody individual Spider-Man movie? First I
 was pissed by Tony Stark (Iron-Man) in this one and then I was super pissed by the way he has advanced the Spider-Man suit to give him more powers and what not. And then I cant even describe in words as what I felt by watching a third actor in I believe last five years who is now the New Spider-Man. Why was he so desperate to impress Iron-Man so he gotta be a part of Avengers? Wow! I cant believe this. That’s alright that they have now changed the guy, I have no issues with that but what about the re-boot of a re-boot? Didn’t they re-boot it couple of years back when they fired Toby McGuire from the role and took the new guy? Why this new guy is still in college and isn’t yet aware of his super powers? Why is he still training and doing almost the same stuff? Going behind his classmate whose dad has to be a villain, hiding from the world that he is the Spider-Man?
On top of that, they have screwed another of my all time favorite actor (Michael Keaton) by making him a villain. The guy is too good to play bad and he had my full sympathies, unfortunately he took his last acclaimed role of “Bird-Man” too seriously and they made him a Bird-Man yet again in this one. Even that didn’t work for me in totality and left me asking for so much more, guy literally had nothing to do in this movie but go after Iron-Man’s stuff to hi-jack, C’Mon man, a
re all the writers dead in the west that they couldn’t come out with a better idea? Marisa Tomei as Peter Parker’s new aunt was a pleasing surprise but even she has hardly anything to do in the movie and totally wasted in such an inconsequential role, though I loved her presence for as long as it lasted. Even the reason why Keaton was behind Tony Stark looked like a fluke, not convincing enough reason to become what he becomes and we already know the fate by the time it all ends. The only two things that worked for me in the entire movie was the background score at the very start, the old tune of Spider-Man animation relived was too good and the ending, what Peter Parker does with Tony Stark was a shocker and I was happy about it :). Hope they make the next Spider-Man movie as an individual Super Hero movie with nothing to do with Avengers (I pray).
The only good thing about the movie that actually put a huge smile on my face was the girl Michelle, the one who reads a book throughout, helps them win the quiz and goes on to become the team lead in the end :). That did made me happy and by the looks of it, I can predict she will come back in the next part or may be she will become the love interest of the dumb Spider-Man that we have. Also, whats with the title of the movie? Homecoming? They didn’t explain it anywhere and it didn’t make any sense to me, barring of-course I noticed a huge banner being put in the college with “Homecoming” on top, what does it mean? I really wonder what others felt about this movie? If box office collections are concerned, I am sure it must have made a huge profit but as a movie it never works. May be they should put a disclaimer on trailer releases now a days claiming that if “You are born in the 70’s, do not watch this”. I will stay away from these movies now and will watch them as and when just for the curiosity sake. I was so inclined to watch “Thor Ragnorak” but I guess I will pass it for now.


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