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The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – Stieg Larsson (Book)

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – Stieg Larsson.

Take a bow Stieg Larsson for giving us one of the best trilogy I have ever read which kept getting by the book and what an amazing end it had, totally totally loved it. Also, this (third part of the trilogy) is the fattest book of the series and I am sure was the best-est too 🙂 as it had answers to all my questions, that I had even from the first two books, barring of-course one riddle that he left unsolved which will remain like that since he is no more :(, how sad is that. Having said that, I am sure the people who have read this will totally agree with me on this when I say that this was undoubtedly the terrific story telling with some killer characters that will go down memory lane a long long way. I so much hope that his family and girl friend come to a conclusion soon and let the fourth unpublished part go for publication 🙂 as it must have the answer(s) for what he had left opened in the last of the series. And I am seriously not up-to reading the one’s written by someone else after he left, I would rather wait for the issue to get resolved so we actually get to read the real story by Larsson himself (now whenever that happens, I will wait).

What I love(d) about Stieg Larsson the most is the detailing that he gets into, some may find it a little too long for their taste of thriller but it was simply too good to me. The longer he took in developing a character the better it turns out in the end, the way he worked with Lisbeth Salandar’s characters, who hardly smiles in the first two parts 🙂 No Spoilers, you’ve got to read the third one to know if she actually does but the guy (Larsson) had a good sense of humor that he aptly proved with this part and in the finale as the story develops and Lisbeth is about to go behind the bars for a long long time after what all she did in the first two parts and Mikael Bloomqvist for once feels like he will not be able to save her. As in the last part her own past comes haunting her (almost killing her) here I so much hoped and prayed that some of her friends should come forward to save the day as she struggled for her life. And the way it all is done in super details (making it last almost 750+ pages) is an outstanding piece of work. Lisbeth Salandar’s histrionics with Bloomqvist’s support and some new characters actions indeed put a big big smile on my face throughout and the trial in the end is a huge grand finale of sorts.

I was surprised by the size of the book vs the time it took me to finish it. As it was simply unputdownable I guess I wrapped it up in flat 5 days or less 🙂 of-course I had to follow it up with the movie too. Earlier when I started this, looking at the size I thought this will be the last of the year for me, but the way things turned out, I am still left with one more week to go :). If you have read the trilogy, I am sure you will agree with me that it indeed is one of the best but if you haven’t read it yet, my friend 🙂 you have no idea what you have missed, go get it today and do not miss it at any cost.

Movie Adaptation: As is always the case with adaptations, this was the saddest movie of the series as they were not able to cover a fourth of what the book offers :(. But I wont blame the makers as the material in hand is so much that it can surely not be converted into a movie that too of mere three hours. Movie is more like a trailer one is watching on the book and no better. But I had to see it as I saw the earlier two parts too hence I watched it to my utter dismay. But there is after-all some silver lining, the last of the scene where Lisbeth comes to face the court, takes the cake. You’ve got to watch the preparation, her expressions, body language, make up, attire and so much more 🙂 that it makes the whole of two and a half hour worth waiting for the finale.

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