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Confessions – Kanae Minato (Book)

Confessions – Kanae Minato.

I am pretty sure now that in my last birth I was born in Japan and my name was Tihor Amrahs (does that sounds Japanese?) I had a vision 🙂 as fortunately I love so much about Japan. Earlier I read a lot about Hiroshima Nagasaki fiasco, then I was in love with a Geisha (literally after reading the memoirs), I want to see Mt. Fuji before I die and then Mr. Murakami happened to me. Even my Kiddo has some Japanese connection as all the time she is making plans what all she is going to do and visit once we go there, whenever that happens :). As I am taking a break from Murakamis, came across this debut book another terrific Japanese Author. Even my mother kept on coaxing me now and then back then as and when any of the electronic item in our household will go bonkers. She will always say “If this was Japan, one of you kids will open this up, either make it work or properly screw it up before going to that guy in the repair shop. Look at where Japan is today in progress chart and where we are”. I totally agree with her now as they are so far ahead of us as I believe no one goes to a repair shop in Japan and even kids are brilliant inventors. Look at the number of Robots they have in Japan. But you must be thinking hows is this all related to the book in subject? That means you haven’t read the book otherwise you would be smiling like me 🙂 there are pros and cons of everything and this brilliant book (fiction) gives in great details the accounts of one such kid who could have been a brilliant scientist but that’s not to be.

Unbelievable and gripping story of eighth graders from a small town of Japan. The entire book (too short) is covered in only five chapters, different account of same episode by five different people. A couple of student’s, a sibling’s, a mother’s and a retired teacher’s account. Told in the most riveting manner, once I started the book, just couldn’t put it down as my mind was doing the math as where this story was going and what kind of experiment the kid(s) performed on a very young girl, its repercussions and relation to the teacher who retires after the accident / incident. What happens next during the course of the year is totally amazing, unpredictable story of revenge, hatred, suspense, drama and mind-numbing climax. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine to what extent a kids mind works that too, this young, which proves that in today’s time this world is a dangerous place to live in and trust anyone. Especially the kids and how they perceive what goes inside their own home’s closed doors, who they blame for it and with whom they take the revenge, how they take it with their own siblings, parents and how they vouch for attention and their subsequent actions. Wow that was a lot more than what I expected by the title “Confessions”. Although its a work of fiction but the story is so believable that I had goosebumps going through most of it and I totally believed it isn’t so much impossible that it could be based on the real incidents, who knows.

To my surprise this is Kanae Minato’s debut work. I am sure if you have read Japanese books and have seen their movies, you will agree that they are simple, straight to the point and they aren’t afraid of blood, gore and brutal killings. This is a terrific example as it actually takes the reader in a kind of a trance by the time we hit the end and made me think hard as what was going on. No doubt on all the acclaim and praises she got for this book. I am totally up for her next book too as the friend who had sent me this one was kind enough to send me the second one too. If you have read this, do let me know your thoughts and if you haven’t and you are as mesmerized by Japan and Japanese as I am, you need to read this big time. Its a pretty short book and can be finished in one or max two sittings, depending upon how much you can take it at one time.

PS: If you are a Harry Potter series fan. This one has decoded one of my favorite and an important characters name in great details and in a such a convincing manner.

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