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Three Weeks with My Brother – Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks (Book)

Three Weeks with My Brother – Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks.

Sometimes some books just magically happen to you and then they become life changing books for us. It happened with me in the past and happened again this weekend :). Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite romantic writers and I use his books as fillers between two heavy reads (usually) but this time around, starting a new year, just like that I picked up the next from him (in publication order) and this one popped up. With a very interesting title “Three Weeks with My Brother”, I thought it must be his own Autobiography throwing some light on the books he had written so far and I wasn’t entirely wrong. But what worked big time for me was the uncanny similarity he shared with my own life which made this book a wonderful experience of sort for me. Three siblings (we are four), he is the one in the center (me too), terrific chemistry with elder brother (same here), a Hitler of a dad (same here) who didn’t care about him at all (same to same), at times he wasn’t even in talking terms with him (same here, I haven’t spoken to mine once at a stretch for about 10 years or longer), loving mother who always took the backseat, childhood full of struggles (poor to lower middle class), later in life he turns out to be the most successful among his siblings (almost same), too many deaths in the family (we all do) and finally – the awakening (that me and him are going through right now). Wow!! I was totally shocked, surprised and pleasantly happy to read this one, thinking it may give me a solution by the time it ends, but does it?

Now, if you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, just like me, this is a must must read and you shouldn’t miss it at any cost. It works wonderfully well if you have read his earlier works prior to this getting published as this one throws so much light on the stories and the characters that it was totally mind-blowing and got me thinking how much he had gone through to get us those awesome characters, everyone of them is from the real life (totally unbelievable) as you see the making of them in his own life. The book basically starts with Nick taking a break of three weeks with his elder brother Micah, going around the world, visiting half a dozen countries on a trip of a life time. Leaving behind his five kids with his super efficient and loving wife back home. The way he has captured his current life and the terrific past that he shared with his brother Micah and cute sister Dana is something that I just couldn’t believe, again it had so many similarities with my own (read our) life as we almost go through the same things one way or other (especially the kids from 60s and 70s). The way his Dad keeps ignoring his family and kids for his job, kids end up hating him more than loving but with time they realize why it was the way it was. Moving now and then to new cities. But his Mother was totally out of this world character, such a beautiful soul with solution to every problem. The way she treats them all and helps them was simply terrific, hats off to her to raise Micah, Nick and Dana to become such awesome kids, The story not only feels real like (it is), it is hilarious, unbelievable and simply too good to be true sorts.

This is almost one of the best books that I ever read on sibling affection (no rivalry), how Nick and Micah go along with their sister and come handy to each other at the time of the need. How they both plan to become millionaire after going through so much struggle in their childhood and at what age they attain those successes is simply too good to read. I totally loved the way they interact and go through the entire trip, the important part of human history which makes no sense to them and how they behave during the entire trip as well the way story keeps going back and forth in the past is simply amazing. It had so many instances when the story made me grin from ear to ear with tears in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. I simply love those books which are able to do all that to me in one shot. Micah and Nick’s chemistry and discussions made me miss my own brother(s) so much that by the time the book ended, I not only spoke to my own brother after ages, made a little peace, told them how much I love them and all that, I also, spoke to my Dad and let him give me some piece of his mind 🙂 it was fun. He (read they) have no idea how a book his impacted me so much that I am craving to see them soon in real and work out the future course of action.

If you have read “Three Weeks with My Brother” (and loved it) do let me know how you like it and if you haven’t, you better do it soon. And if you are going through a little trouble with your own siblings and parents then this is the book, you’ve got to read at the earliest. A terrific book not to be missed by anyone especially Nicholas Sparks fan to say the least.

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