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Wonder – R J Palacio (Book)

Wonder – R J Palacio.

Technically this qualifies as my last book for the year 2017 and first for 2018 both 🙂 as half of it I read it last year and the rest I finished today. I actually wanted to coincide my reading with the movie release but for some reason they earlier delayed the release by couple of months and then somehow released it before the year end to my shock and surprise. Hence this became one of those very few books which I read after I saw the movie :). Although the movie was too underwhelming to my taste and unfortunately the book isn’t that great as I expected it but it was way better than the movie for sure (talking about detailing and some very good things missing). Author has written this book very smartly and it almost feels as if it was actually written by a fifth grader, going by the language, the simplicity and even some intentional mistakes (I am sure about) that she has made in the book. The book and the story is very easy to read, I had a great connect too but somehow felt it was over stretched, even when it was too short in size. May be because the same story is told in different versions by half a dozen people before it comes back to the “Wonder” kid. I am sure I would have totally loved it if it was only one version from only his angle but that doesn’t take anything away from the lovely book unfortunately the only grudge that I have is that It didn’t make me all emotional as I expected it to be.

Heart touching story of a fifth grader “August Pullman” who is born with a deformed face and his struggle to live a normal life in this thankless world is the story all about. As I believe the book is a grand success already and its been reviewed a million times already. There is not much to tell as its pretty much predictable how it all starts and the way it all goes, it totally feels been there done that thing right from the very start. But I had a huge grin right from the beginning to the very end pasted on my face and it did make me frown a couple of times here and there. Also, it made me put down my Kindle a couple of times in between to look into space and think of the cute little guy and his struggles and passions too. So far, I have been a “Star Wars” fan but the way it is done in the story, I am about to get all Six parts like NOW and watch them back to back 🙂 just because “Auggie the Doggie” was such a huge fan and there were a million instances when he talks about the series and its amazing characters. The amazing set of parents and an adorable sister plus a god send sister was such a fantastic thing to read that I was totally touched. It also took me back in time to my own middle school days when life felt so hard and when I made some amazing friends just like Auggie 🙂 (for life). For a Debut this is a terrific attempt and I will certainly look forward to R J Palacio’s upcoming works as and when she gets them published.

I am sure you must have read this by now, if not, you better do it fast as I am already looking forward to its sequel, as and when it comes. Pray, it must come soon as I really really want to know what happens next to Auggie, don’t you? Did you love the book or just liked it? Did it work for you big time?

Movie Adaptation: As I said earlier, it was totally underwhelming especially with that kind of casting (read Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson in one movie). Or may be again, my expectations were not right with the movie too. It felt too long and too slow to my taste, although it did miss out so much from the book still felt over stretched for its run-time but nevertheless was a good one time watch. And it actually had some scenes that will go down my memory lane, especially the one where Julia (Mom) waits for her Son (Auggie) to come out of school and he just passes her with his friend in toes talking about whatever stuff. That was the scene to die for and the finale :), simply too good. Overall it was pretty much an average movie and didn’t feel that special as I wanted it to be.

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