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F.R.I.E.N.D.S (TV Series)

It all started when a friend told me about the book “FRIENDS… with all ten seasons”. The book was priced at INR 7K – 9K on Amazon for a paperback and hardback respectively. And we all got it from a site called for mere 238/- including delivery, can you believe our luck? There still are a couple of copies left if you want to buy. Its a hard back, huge in size with amazing pictures and story of the entire seasons, I am loving the book. So far haven’t finished it and in no hurry either.

To my sheer luck “Comedy Central HD” started to run all ten seasons back to back . I recorded them all and my DVR’s Hard drive was almost at 98% when I started watching it back to back. After 236 episodes and 83 hours 44 minutes (well spent) of viewing and again falling in love with all the six Friends and some additional celebrities who keep coming back on TV, it was such an amazing experience.

As I saw the last episode of Season 10 (Ep 18) I was actually in tears to bid them Goodbye.

I haven’t ever seen a TV series this way and this seriously and on top of that loved it in totality. As I am sure if you are a fan of the series, you will agree that it is too tough to pick up one favorite character . But the one that I actually identified myself with was no other than “Gunther” the Coffee house guy  as the way he loved Rachel and was never able to confess as she is light years ahead of his league. Last episode was simply too good where he actually gets to say those precious lines and even gets a peck from her .

Do let me know if you too loved the series too and saw it again recently. Also, do let me know if you think there is any other TV series which comes any closer to this one in comparison and content? I would really love to watch it since I am not much into TV series as of now. But would love to give it a try if something is as good as the FRIENDS was.

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