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Book loving kids from my neighborhood (Part 2) – Blogpost.

Book loving kids from my neighborhood (Part 2).

The Harry Potter Fan.

What a terrific weekend we had in Mumbai, meeting our long lost neighbors from a society where we stayed for seven long years in Amchi Mumbai before moving out three years back to Pune. One of my immediate neighbor’s son then was six years old and now he is nine. The usual discussions with him while we were there were more like Ferrari Vs Lamborghini, if Ferrari and Bugatti raced, which one will win? And how about Hyabusa Vs Bugatti and all that. Last week on his last day of school before summer break, he broke his leg and got his first plaster :). Fortunately that was the day I posted my Third Favorite book cover as a part of “Seven Book cover challenge, no reviews, no discussions, just the favorite books” and it happens to be “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”.

The kid in question (Jvaleen Rathod) all of nine years knew that I will be visiting them for a weekend a week later, picked up the book from the book-fair going on in school much to the shock and dismay of his mother who always complained that “He just shuffles the pages and never reads them”. Still she got it for him. HP books are no cheap you see. Not only the Dude literally finished the book in flat 6 days, he also forced his dad to buy him the part 2 before my arrival and by the time I reached their home on Saturday evening he was almost on page 140+ (of the second book) and was bubbling with excitement ready for a verbal duel with me.

Now, as you all know, especially the HP fans that once we start talking, the discussion never ends. And this guy had only read one and a half books, got talking to me for flat two hours initially and it kept going throughout the night, till we slept over and restarted next day morning, he just couldn’t stop talking till the time came for us to leave after lunch on Sunday afternoon. Oh! Just to tell you one important thing, his parents call him “Poppat” as he talks a lot. Not only his parents and other friends who were with us for the evening were shocked, surprised and delighted, I was totally impressed by the way he was excitedly talking about Harry and his friends, world, school, potions, teachers and almost everything under the sun of HP universe. He even told me that he is now thinking of convincing his Dad and Mom to go to London so he could check himself if there is actually a platform 9 and 3/4 in King’s Cross Station. He wasn’t convinced that this is indeed fiction and there can’t be a magical world. To top it all, his belief was so firm that he told me on my face that “Uncle, we all are muggles, how would we know if they are really there, we need to find them” 😀

I was so delighted by his enthusiasm to read these books and on asking what he plans to do after he finishes all the seven parts? He told me that he would love to be a part of our Harry Potter meets 😀 as I was checking out the Kolkata SRR Meet pictures whose theme this time was Harry Potter :). I promised him that I will not only add him to the Junior Group but will see that he does gets to meet the Sr Potter Fans once he finishes them all and I am sure he will talks all of us out over too on Harry Potter. So, be ready guys to take another Jr Raccoon head-on pretty soon 🙂 He is coming and there is no stopping him.

This actually got me thinking that what a brilliant start this little guy has and he told me that he is looking forward to read “Lord of the Rings” too after HP series is over. As he keeps checking my Blog and Facebook profile for all the books that I read and review. Ironically my own daughter who is three years elder to him has so far shown no interest in Harry Potter books but I hope she will read them one day and cherish them the way we all do. Although, she hijacked my “Prof. Snape” Coffee mug right the day I got it in one of our Pune – Senior Reading Raccoons meet.

Unfortunately, I didn’t click a picture of the little guy with his much loved books, but may be next time, I will snap it and share it with you guys.


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