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A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 1) – George R R Martin.

A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 1) – George R R Martin.

I have made a hat-trick of mistakes when it comes to “not reading” a book series thinking they are overrated, even after them being super successful :). The first mistake I did way back was when Harry Potter books were coming out, Second, I never read Lord of Rings Trilogy (same reason) and now, for last couple of years, even after super successful TV series, I never saw a single episode (yet) or read any of the books. But that had to change and finally I am proud to declare that I have not only picked up the first of the much loved series but also finished it in flat 10 days :). You can imagine how engrossing it must be for me that I finished 800+ page book in that many days. Last night as I was almost hitting 95% on my Kindle, my eyes were again and again looking at the second of the series which was lying at a hands distance from where I was sitting and reading :). It is so amazingly good that I just didn’t want to lose a moment between books and let me tell you this too, that before even starting to type this post, I have read some 50 odd pages of the second so my fragile heart is put to rest 🙂 (and that’s a first for me, I have never done that earlier). As the first books ending is so superb, exhilarating, breath-taking, emotional and situational that I just can’t imagine how I would have survived if I had read this one back in the mid 90’s when people had to wait for the second part. Hats off to you guys who read it back then and waited for the other outings 🙂 I hope and pray, that by the time I read the last of the series, the upcoming next is already out :). Game of thrones, I must say is almost at par with Harry Potter series and slightly better than Lord of Rings (for sure) as no one book ever had that kind of impact on me and I have six more to go.

Reviewing or talking about a book like that is just too tough as almost its a beaten to death topic in our part of the world now. Especially after the super successful TV series, fortunately I am yet to see it and now that I have read the book, I am totally excited. Those visuals are already on the back of my head because the beautiful way GRRM has captured it all in words is simply mind-blowing. For those who haven’t read or followed the TV series, just imagine the seven kingdoms the story talks about, inside a seven hundred feet walled compound 🙂 thousands and thousands of kilometers away from each other. I am still trying to imagine the size of the wall 😀 which covers them all. The width of the wall is as much as 12 people can walk shoulder to shoulder on it :). Criminals are assigned to take care of the wall and save the kingdoms from the attack by “Others”. They just can’t get off the wall and hide anywhere because if they do, what happens to them is something you need to read the book for :). Exiled Prince and Princesses, looking forward to revenge, avenge and get back the “Iron Throne” is the story all about. The inter-related families and criss-cross of relations in between the seven kingdoms, I initially thought it will be too tough to follow but trust me when I say this, it was a cake walk, once I started reading. Totally amazing is the way GRRM has put it forth for his readers, every chapter is named after one character and as you go forward read their story, your heart prays that the next chapter should be from your favorite character but that is NEVER the case. Which fortunately makes it further interesting.

Harry Potter series gave me Prof Snape 🙂 who was a villain throughout, I hated (to love him) and the way I end up loving him in the end, is just impossible for me to explain. I refuse to give up the chipped mug that I’ve been using almost for a year now to have my morning tea 🙂 just because it has his face 🙂 Similarly Lord of the Rings gave me Sam Gamgee, a best friend to die for and my kiddo calls me a Golem since we saw the movies back to back as I always call her “My Precious” just the way Golem calls the ring :). And now, I believe I’ve got another character that I am going to love for life and that will be “Jon Snow”. If you have read it, you will know but if you haven’t, I just can’t tell you how my heart cries every-time someone calls him a “Snow”, you’ve got to read the book to know the reason why he is called a Snow, or why some others like him are called “Stone” or “Flowers”. And my second all time favorite will always be Tyrion Lannister, the bad-ass half man, Wow! What a character, totally smitten in love with his sense of humor and way he does things in style. The dwarf, who has no life (at least in the first book), hoping to see him as a king soon now. I know that he will be the baddest villain in the series but I wish, he should change sides and become a good guy :). And I am not even talking about Wolves 🙂 As the title suggests, it’s all about the “Game of Thrones” from one king to another, what games they play for the Iron Throne is the story. Who deserves the throne and who gets it in the end with whose support or against whose wishes, is the story all about but a roller coaster ride for sure from the very start to the very end. Each separate book, I am guessing will take the story forward and will throw some new characters and earth shattering twists my way too. Like this one does by the brilliant way it ends.

Coming back to the Title, I was keeping an eye on the story as when do I get to read about “Ice” and “Fire”, but the way he decided to reveal what was Ice and Fire was simply superb. That late, almost at the ending, keeping me totally on my toes to know what’s it about. I hope I get to see Ice in action in the second of the series and Fire too 🙂

GRRM’s imagination is totally out of this world. After reading so many books which were visually outstanding, I just couldn’t believe how this guy made his own world or should we call it a universe? Unbelievable characters, life styles, traditions, followings and what not. And what to say about those names that he uses, totally amazing. How can one man imagine so much is beyond me. On top of that, if you go back to the characters Index in the end 🙂 it’s just mind-blowing. He further makes it easier for people to understand which character belongs to which family and how they are related with others, so simple. I wonder how he himself keeps a track of them all while writing and taking his story forward :). Kudos Mr. Martin but please complete the series before I hit the dead-end :).

I believe nothing is predictable in this series and the way he killed some of my favorite characters to my utter shock has given me a proper introduction as to what to expect in upcoming parts. I guess my next three months are booked totally to this series now and I am going to blabber some more in coming days. Cheers.

Have you read Game of Thrones? All Books? Do let me know which one is your favorite and if you haven’t read any of them yet, Boss :O you’ve got to read them at at any cost. You just can’t miss this epic.

PS: I have started squeezing lemon and adding its juice to my beer 🙂 and I am seriously considering taking horse riding lessons in very near future. Also, where do I get a sword? Preferably made of Valerian steel :). Mugs and T-shirts are passe.

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