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The Perfect Husband – Lisa Gardner (Book)

The Perfect Husband – Lisa Gardner.

Whoever said that one should never judge a book by its cover (or title) was so damn right, and it took me a book to realize how true it indeed is. Our 13th marriage anniversary was right round the corner (it is actually today) and I timed this one in such a way that I will read, and finish it in a couple of days before or on the coveted day. Thinking that it may help me in someways in becoming a better husband (not that I am any bad) but what this book actually taught me is 10 ways to kill my own wife and not get caught 🙂 can you believe that? Monday morning as I started this book, wifey’s eyes shined looking at the title saying “A-ha, so now should I expect some surprises after all these years?” and I was like “Yeah baby, let me finish this” :). And by the time I finished the initial 50 pages, it was pretty much clear what I was getting into. My first Lisa Gardner book and I guess its a Good Bye Good Riddance Lisa Gardner, not my cup of tea for sure. Superb psychological thriller this could have been (I guess she planned it that ways) but it turned out to be very fast pace, didn’t take me more than I guess three days to finish a 400 page book but totally cliche ridden and something which gave me some kind of guilty pleasure. This was definitely something which will definitely not qualify as “Literature” and something which my mom will surely not approve of me reading it, but was a fantastic book in a sense that it can be wrapped up in an overnight train journey.

It’s been ages that I have read a James Hadley Chase novel, haven’t read one in last 12 years for sure :). But this one did remind me of his kind of stories big time (although way below his level). A typical psycho husband, preferably an Ex Cop, on killing spree, that too he kidnaps, rapes and kills beautiful blonds only, and he has an amazing, innocent loving wife who has no clue of his doings, till he at-least kills ten of them in a row. A very cute little daughter and everybody is an orphan so technically no option of going anywhere for anyone. On top of that everybody is super rich, so no worry about where the money is coming from while they travel from coast to coast on their whims and fancies. A marine to the rescue for the distraught girl and her daughter (again an orphan) with a dark past and a sister who conveniently is an FBI agent, you see she has to help her brother solve the case, who gets the chick in the end too. Lots of gruesome killing, blood, gore, rapes, child abuse, violence, sex and what not. I mean, she has left no stone upturned in giving her audience everything they can ask for. I mean, I couldn’t think of anything missing in the book although everything looked superficial but no point debating a book like that right? A perfect book to be adapted as a B grade thriller but I enjoyed it thoroughly although my expectations were way different from it 🙂 but thats another thing.

One blunder that the Author has made in the book which actually made me make face was that she keeps calling the villain as “Frankenstein??” I mean, if you have read the book, don’t you think Frankenstein wasn’t the bad guy rather she should call her villain as the “Creature” he makes? Correct me if I am wrong please. I am sure Lisa Gardner has never read Frankenstein.

Have you read “The Perfect Husband” or any other Lisa Gardner book that you would like to recommend before I say Goodbye Good Riddance to the Author? If you haven’t read this or any of her other works, trust me, you are not missing anything.

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