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A Feast for Crows – George RR Martin (Book)

A Feast for Crows – George RR Martin.

Fifth (Technically fourth) book of the series and I am not only shocked but also pleasantly surprised that Mr. Martin hasn’t run out of steam yet. After reading some 4000 odd pages of story so far, I am getting (cheerful) haunting dreams of George RR Martin locked inside a room made of white paper with so many pages hanging randomly on the walls that the actual paint isn’t visible anymore. What is he doing? Furiously writing something on loads of papers as we are yet to get two more books of the series from him, giving it all a superb ending (I guess we all hope that he is actually writing as we speak). The last epic that I read was “Lord of the Rings” and one of the characters that I totally loved in that was the best buddy “Samwise Gamgee” and now in this series, I am again falling in love gradually with another Sam (Samwell Tarly). How kool is that 🙂 and guess what, this Samwell is a huge book reader, who I believe is on the verge of solving a big puzzle for the entire realm, all thanks to the books that he is reading in the story :). I mean, of-course that shows how much Mr. Martin himself loves the books.

After reading so much from him, I must say that it doesn’t shock me or surprise me anymore when one of my favorite character (or say characters) gets no mention for 200 and at times 300 pages into another book. And this book is no exception when he actually skips half a dozen of the characters altogether :(. Frustrated as I may be, angry as I may be, curse as much as I could, page after bloody page, chapter after bloody chapter, he simply refuses to give me what I want. On top of that, just when I thought he will start summing up the things, he gives me another load(s) of character introductions 🙂 I mean how can he do that? But he does that in style as it all relates so well with the story in the past and lets the reader know the reason behind so many conspiracies going on at a breakneck speed. Chapter after chapter my eyes are searching for a hint or a clue as to what happened to those characters which should get so much importance and he just keeps their re-entry delayed (so much to my own guilty pleasure), the longer he stretches I guess the better it all comes out in the end (but end is way too far as of now). I am totally intrigued by his style, my mind is boiling with so many questions and I want answers but all I get from another book is more queries and no respite in sight.

I am sure you wont believe me when I tell you that this was a 850+ page book still had an abrupt ending. As I read the last page, I actually had to shuffle back and forth to really tell myself that it had ended 🙂 and he has written a beautiful para (no apology to the reader) that he just chopped off the remaining half into another book (thank god for little mercies) which I already have with me :).

As the title suggests “A Feast for Crows”, he unashamedly has killed so many of my favorite characters from the seven kingdoms and the bloody Game of Throne has gone to such an extent that there is no looking back. What all these heirs of the so called kingdoms are doing to get the Iron Throne in the end is beyond me to explain. Shocking and amazing in equal measure is the imagination of Mr. Martin but it makes up for such a terrific read that I am totally hooked and have got no time to pick up any other stuff till I am done with the last part which is lying right besides my laptop and I am about to grab it and jump to my reading chair :). And I will be joining you guys who’ve been waiting for the upcoming books for how long? four years or was that five at the last count?

And for those people who told me that “A Storm of Swords” was the best of the series, I would like to say “Sorry Boss”. The things just got better in this one and actually are headed for a terrific turn of events (I guess). I am so much craving to talk, meet and discuss with someone who has read them all 🙂 but will hold off my horses till I read the next 1100+ pages of the next “A Dance with Dragons” which gives me so much hope of getting back my favorite Daenerys and Jon Snow back in game big time. Plus my new found love Jamie should get his due from the Author. And so I expect for Ser Barristan and the Hound too, the Dog can’t die just like that and if he does, his brother should come back and take the action forward. Where are the “Others” why are they taking so long to come and why no attention to Stannis :(. What happened to Bran and Rickon? where is Hodor? And the Wolf pack? And the biggest question is that why is winter taking so long in coming 🙂 whereas I can already feel the chill by just picking up the next.

If you have read this series, do you really think there is any other book series which comes any closer to this one? I am sure none other can be any better than this one for sure. If you do, I would love to know about it and will get it ASAP. This one is undoubtedly my favorite now onward, surpassing Harry Potter and Lord of Rings both by a very handsome margin.

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