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Dear John – Nicholas Sparks (Book)

Dear John – Nicholas Sparks.

To whom it may concern.
I hereby certify that Nicholas Sparks is one of the best romantic writers I have ever read. So if you ever are looking for a book which is a quick read, will always put a smile on your face, choke you mid ways, a tear or two will spill by the time it ends, will surely give you some food for thought that you will stare at empty space doing all the permutations and combinations how you could have ended it in a different (read more predictable) way. But I will say it again, he is indeed a terrific writer, the lat book that I read from him was “Three Weeks with my Brother”, it made me so emotional that I called my own brother after ages, worked out our differences, he finally visited and we had such a great time together. I also read his “Message in a Bottle” and as the book ended, I turned and kissed my wife admiring our beautiful life together, who was sleeping peacefully besides me as I was finishing the book, was all emotional, she almost kicked me down the bed (reflexes you see). And as I finished this book today, I actually called my dad (yet again at the end of a book) and said “Pappa, Sorry yaar, I was an arse as I was growing, can you forgive me ever?” and he laughed saying “What are you reading? as I am sure you don’t drink over the weekdays” :). Now, let me tell you, if a book makes you do any of that, it has to be a great book (at least amazing) and the writer has to be loved, praised and cherished too. Undoubtedly, he is one of my all time favorites as far as genre of Romance is concerned. I’ve got another of his six books to read before I run out of data from the man. Hope he is writing another fantastic story as I post this :).

I am sure I must have read a dozen of Nicholas Sparks books by now (almost loved them all) and they are so easy on the reader, just like a good bottle of wine. Usually the protagonist is a very good guy, with a heart of gold, struggles through his initial days, falls in love (almost in no time), at times he loses his love mid-ways to get her back in the end, or he loses her in the very end :(. Now this one starts with the loss in the very first page and makes the reader hoping against the hope that it can’t be true what the Author shows us at the very start. And the superb way it ends on a brilliant high made it work so much more for me. Although I tried my level best to predict the ending, putting his earlier 12 books weight on my brain, I still couldn’t guess the exact ending (and I am glad I couldn’t). Nicholas Sparks is just too good not only with his stories or emotional quotient, but also with the character names. I seriously love the names that he uses, like in this one, imagine a girl named “Savannah Lynn Curtis”, now how can you not fall in love with a girl named like that, and on top of that she loves horses and is an excellent rider, she dreams of owning a ranch someday where she will teach Autistic kids how to ride. How fantastic is that. The way she falls for John Tyree and gives him his own dad back for life, was the best-est part of the entire story. The way John’s equation was with his dad (my life story) to the way it turns out gradually was so heart-warming, choked me up big time. No doubt, this was a superb Father Son relationship story too that I read in a long long time. Also, this was a great story about some best friends you make in the course of a very short time, accidentally too at times.

The entire book actually made me feel as if it was written with 80’s if not 70’s audience in mind, where you fall in love with a girl without knowing nothing about her, you don’t mind getting into cliche ridden promises like watching the full moon every-time when you are not together and think of the good times spent together and all that :). I was pleasantly surprised to find his protagonist doing these things in 2006 🙂 where loving someone was a priority and there was no hurry to make love with. And again like I mentioned earlier too, I love the stories where there are no villains 🙂 yet there are situations beyond the human control much to the shock, surprise and sadness of the reader, they do go out of hands.

Have you read “Dear John”? If you have, do tell me how much you loved it and if you haven’t read it, you’ve seriously got to read it at the earliest. And yes, do not watch the movie, it isn’t quarter as good as the book is and they have screwed the story royally (yet again). Which one is your favorite Nicholas Sparks book? if you have read any or all of them.

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