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Mukkabaaz (2018) – Movie

Mukkabaaz (2018) – Movie. 

Can a Director like Anurag Kashyap ever go wrong? Every time I see any of his movies, I yet again fall head over heels in love with the man and the art of movie making that he does so beautifully. Last night we had the opportunity of watching this gem of a movie called “MUkkabaaz” with almost an unknown cast, barring of-course our common all time favorite Jimmy Shergil, yet again in a terrific character that we loved to hate :). What amazed me was the way Mr. Kashyap picked up an unknown guy and makes him a superhero of sorts that too in full stype. I have now become a huge huge fan of Vineet Kumar Singh, who I saw last in Anurag Kashyap’s “Bombay Talkies” as he actually was the part of one of my favorite track wherein he fullfils his Father’s last wish of making Mr. Amitabh Bachchan eat his “Murabba”, Wow, what a touching performance this guy had in that movie and finally with “Mukkabaaz” he gets a fullfledged role and he steals the show with full marks.

I have no idea why and how we missed this movie while it was on Big screen but my daughter so beautifully summed it up saying “Papa, achcha hua humne ye movie theater main nahin dekhi, achchi nahin lagti tab apne ko and we wouldn’t be able to rewind it the way we did it so many times, repeating so many scenes”. That was the magic of the movie, the guy’s performance, story, action and everything else is so amazing in this one that we almsot saw it twice back to back. Although the movie had a terrific start yet it falters or slows down mid ways leading to a terrific finale but that takes so much time in coming that I felt its length was a little too longer for the subject it was made on. All four lead actors did total justice to their charactors. Especially Vineet as the “Mukkabaaz” who knows nothing but mukkebaazi and just can’t do anything. His love interest “Zoya Hussain” the mute girl was superb, she reminded me so much of “Mahie Gill” and she so easily made me fall in love with her. The way they talk was so amazing. Ravi Kishan finally gets a role he is been waiting for all his life in a Hindi movie I guess. But the Jimmy Shergill yet again takes the cake away from all of them. Stony eyed villain (Girl’s shrewd Uncle) a totally corrupt politician with an ego equal to the size of Himalayas 🙂 was simply stunning. How he screws Mukkebaaz’s life and his career was totally convincing and so much true to real life I believe.

Wiki says this about the movie: “Mukkabaaz was conceived by Vineet Kumar Singh (Hero) who wrote it with his sister, Mukti Singh, based on his observation of several sportsperson’s condition in the country. He then faced rejection from several producers but was accepted by Kashyap, who agreed to make the film if Singh becomes a real boxer. For the preparation, Singh went to Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, where he trained boxing for a year. Hussain also learned non-verbal language for her role”. His transition from a mango-man to a Mukkabaaz onscreen is so stunning that we just couldn’t believe how one could do this.

Loved it’s unpredictable ending too.

It is indeed a big crime to miss a movie like this. If you haven’t seen this one, do watch it ASAP. I am sure it must be available on all platforms by now. I regret missing it earlier but glad that I finally saw and loved it too. Do not miss it anymore at any cost.

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