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Game of Thrones – Season 1 (TV Series)

Just done with the entire Season 1 in flat two days almost back to back. I am totally speechless, no words can do justice to what I witnessed. Although I am too late to join the bandwagon but I must say, this is one of the most incredible TV series that I have ever seen.
The way it choked me up in the ending of Episode 9 (Stark Sr) and Episode 10 (Jon Snow and Daenerys) it was almost impossible for me to watch it further with tears taking the visuals away for me, I had to rewind to watch it again after controlling my emotions. Totally reminded me of my own last similar performance while I watched the last episode of season 10 of FRIENDS.
I can make a list of my favorite characters as there are so many, amazing are the people to cast everyone incredibly aptly. But if I have to pick one favorite character or say family, it will be the Mormonts :).

Also, I hate to confess that bloody Lannisters are my favorites against my own wish of Starks to be on number one, after all that drama in season 1, with my heart on Jamie and head on Tyrion :). Unfortunately Jon Snow didn’t have that kind of magic his bookish character has/had on me with one (frustrating) expression in the entire season. Hope things change season 2 onward.

Traveled out of town with only season 1 on my pen drive, regretting big time, I should have brought in at least 2 seasons :).

For those who have seen it and loved it, you know what I am going through tonight.
For those who have read it and yet loved it, I will pretend I didn’t read the books 😉
For those who haven’t seen it yet, you have no idea how incredible these 500 minutes were.

Looking forward to go back home by the weekend and get on with the season 2. Guess my pending books will have to take a backseat for now. I wonder why no one put a gun on my head to watch this earlier? And I am applying for an Arms license tomorrow morning as I know quite a few on whose heads I will be putting my gun now.

The best way to enjoy this series is to immediately get hold of at least 5 people who have seen it and liked it or at least get hold of one who haven’t seen it yet 🙂

Season 2, here I come. And Winter is definitely coming (Literally).

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